Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 6

Hi guys! :D

Been having a chill day today~! Or..well..we haven't been doing xD
We went to Akihabara again looking for some figurines and I bought myself two sweet little ecchi girls;

Mraaawr ;DD

I was also looking for a Konata figurine, but they're flippin' sold out everywhere ; o ; *sniff* Oh well..ebay it will be. Haha~
After Akihabara we went to Shibuya again, checking out the area. We also went inside the 109 building..jeeBUS..they have way too much cool stuff in there, it's IMPOSSIBLE to decide for anything to buy, I swear to you! D:
Thommas bought some nice overall-jeans-pants thingies..and the guy working there was really nice n___n

After Shibuya we went to Harajuku again, to do some more shopping. Oh my god, I've gone totally insane here..I think I'll need to send some stuff home or else I'll get so much overweight in my luggage home ;____; waaaa~

We also ate crepé..or..kurepu~desu xD with cream and strawberries;;

MMM..they were insanely delicious, I tell ya ;* !!

Here are some more pictures from today:

Nya~! n____n didn't take many pictures's been raining a :0 and right now it's thunder and lightning's pretty cool xD

And I bought myself a Willy Wonka chocolate bar..and I'm gonna enjoy it lotssss;;;

Ok, that's it from me today. See ya around :D Peace out, yo ;D


  1. Hey, have you been to Marui Young department store (also known as OIOI)? It's in Shinjuku and in the upper floors of the building (5-8), it's Gothic Lolita heaven. I thought you might like it if you haven't seen the place already.
    Enjoy your visit in Japan! ^^

  2. Nice tights! Looks like you're having a blast. Hope I can go someday!

  3. lolita! cute!!

    omg the crepes are the best!