Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 10

Last day T ^ T waaa~
We've been to Harajuku again today to see if there was any new cool people. It's sunday, so..YES, it was :D First we took a walk around Harajuku to look for stuff to waste the rest of our money on..and..ofcourse that wasn't xD
Then we went to the Meji was SO pretty peaceful too n____n

Relaxing with a drink. Duuuhhh~ xD


Aaaah..that was geeewd~ xD

The entrance to the shrine.

And after the Shrine we went to Harajuku bridge to check out the festivities there::

I love the beautiful people of Harajuku so much ; 3 ; They're like..everywhere. I've seen so many cute and adorable lolitas, fruits-kids and all of the above that my brain is just about to explode xDD

But yes..this is my last day here T ^ T
I will write a summary of my trip when I get home :D



  1. awww!! i'm glad you had such a great time xD i think i saw some Malice Mizer cosplayers <3

  2. gah! japan is so cool! im jeluzz.. v-v