Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 5

End of Day 5 now n_____n
I've been shopping like a maniac today, and my body hurts like hell after all the walking. But it's so worth it :D

Mraaaawr..Spiderman-groping *drool*

Today we've been in Shinjuku, Takeshita and Shibuya ^^ We went around taking pictures and shopping mostly. I found Hachikõ as well! Yayy! I was thinking like.."haha, I could just use "The World Ends With You" as a map over Shibuya..lol xD I love that game!

Some pics from Shibuya:

Shibuya crossing :D

Shibuya 109 building. Btw..the guy in the left corner of the picture kinda looks like L..HAHA! I was thinking right now; "I'm undercover, looking for Kira. Hurr~" xD

Me and Hachikõ ^___^

The story about Hachikõ is so cute. But I think it is kinda sad too ;___; The thing about him was that he was the Akita dog of a professor who lived close to the Shibuya station in the 1920's. Hachikõ came to the station every day to await his master's return. But the professor died in 1925 while at work, but Hachikõ still came to wait for his owner everyday for 10 years until his own death. It's a sad story..but I like it. The statue is a nice memory of Hachikõ :) It's also become the most famous meeting place in Tokyo. We saw lots of young people hanging around there texting people and obviously waiting for their friends.. n____n

A little video from Shibuya (at night) ;D

So..that's today's Tokyo-report. My body is dead right now. FUBAR! Haha xD I'm gonna eat snacks and cool off. See ya~!


  1. Hi! You don't really know me but I stalk your deviantart, lol. And I was just spazzing because I saw a huge KAT-TUN poster in the video. XD Yes, they're my favourite group and you should be able to see posters with them everywhere right now because of their upcoming concert. Uh... sorry for rambling. *runs away*

  2. ahhhh twewy! XD i also love the game..
    this is my tribute for the game.. http://cerealz.deviantart.com/art/Neku-The-World-Ends-With-You-87123487

    ..and Hachiko statue's the best =)

    (oh.. and i'm other deviantart "stalker", like that other person <_<)

    bai!!have fun

    hmm..and now... "Legg inn kommentar" or "Forhandsvisning" ?_? ... ini mini miny.. moe!!!

  3. Haha, sorry..I've fixed the language settings now n____n

    spazzing out :D YAAAY!

  4. Thats such a sad story! But I'm really jealous of you! you're in Tokyo. I've been wanting to get out of my country my whole life and I'm still stuck here. Oh well, I have my whole life ahead of me! ^-^

  5. The world ends with you. I LOVE that game. It's great :D First thing I thought of when I seen those pics :-p plus you mentioned it lol

  6. lol! shopping is great^^ how poor are you now? j/k!!

    the story of hachiko is so sad but heartfelt T^T