Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 8

:D Konnichiwaaa~

Day 8 is over.
Today we walked to Shinjuku again, and then going to Akihabara. I wanted to look for this store for Thomas, because he's showed me this adorable square dog they had at that store. I found it, but they didn't have the dog ; 3 ; found lots of squishy boobies for sale xDD

I bought a little chibi Konata figurine. Jeebus, the Konata figurines are REALLY expensive here D: She must be amazingly popular xD I also bought an awesome figurine of Haruhi with a guitar n____n

After Akihabara we went back to Harajuku and we split up for a while, because it's annoying for Thommas to be dragged into all the xD But yeah..I found some more clothes and then I met Thommas afterwards. I also bought a new Crepé nom nom..they're so good. I need to try making those when I get home :0

And hahaha..everywhere in Takeshita there are people standing outside the stores screaming prices and offers. There is this one guy outside an accessory store me and Thommas finds totally amusing. He has a sort of lisp and he sounds SO awesome when he shouts "sen-desu!" :D teehee~

I've sent some of my stuff home by EMS now too. I think it was about 3 kilos of stuff in a cardboard box. But I still think I'm gonna get overweight on the plane xD I have TOO much stuff!

I dun wanna go home though T ^ T it's great here~

Y halo thar


And...what's up with the Hentai being RIGHT next to the children's movies? LOL!

USB-chameleon plz!

Okay, guys...I have to admit there is something scary about Japan. And that thing is...that EVERYONE on bikes have REALLY screechy brakes! Seriously..I almost get a heart-attack every time someone on a bike is slowing down behind me ;___;


  1. I was wondering if I could ask which hotel you're staying at? I'm planning a trip next summer and it seems like the hotel you're at isn't very far away from anything. n.n

  2. lol! hentai makes the world do round? j/k!! i've seen them in chinese markets next to kids movies xD i guess because it cartoon?