Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 7


Today we went out to eat breakfast. We've become regulars at this local bakery here called "Le Repas". They truly have delicious food there. I've become fan of the toast with scrambled eggs and ham..mmm~
After that I had to go to the post office to buy some cardboard boxes because I seriously have to send some of my stuff home so I won't get an extreme overweight in my luggage when I go home T ^ T
So..yeah..I'll probably have to ship it with EMS or something like that n___n

I bought the boxes, went up to the hotel and we relaxed a bit before going out again. And guess what we figured out today? That we can flippin' WALK to Shinjuku from here! LOL. We've been using the subway all this time, but when we found the right way to go, it took like..10 minutes to walk..jeez. And we even passed the Square Enix store on our way there. Which means that it's like..5 minutes from our hotel or something..waaa xDDD

I bought a Pikachu costume today;

Pikapika~! :D Haha

And also some Lucky Star figurines!

And I took some beautiful pictures of the Sakura flowers on our way to Shinjuku~

I love them ; ^ ;

Tomorrow we'll probably meet a guy from deviantART. Not sure yet, but we'll see :D We'll have to do the last shopping tomorrow too, because we don't want to shop in the weekend, seeing as it'll be extra crowded ; 3 ; nya~

Bai bai ;D


  1. Jesus ! I would KILL to go to Japan. That's like my ultimately...uhh...ultimate dream ! I soo envy you. Congratulations on such an amazing experience.

    Cheers !

  2. you're adorable. ^_^
    I want a Pikachu costume.

  3. I seriously envy you... -.- I'd kill to get the chance of going to Japan.. May I ask the name of the hotel you're staying at? 5 minutes from the Square Enix store is like the ultimate dream XD