Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 9

Today we went to Central Tokyo to check out what's jibbidijiggin ovah thea :0 Nothing in particular really..Lots of tall buildings, pretty sakura trees and occasionally a cute old woman in a kimono :D

The man is hungreh :0

Yay! :D

But yeah..after Central Tokyo, we went back to the hotel and then I went to Shinjuku to meet a guy from deviantART, also known as Yami127 n___n he was a very nice guy..and I gave him a couple of McMorbid doodles on a ripped off piece of paper..haha xD But yeah..I had a great time :3

After meeting him, I went back to Shinjuku again to meet up with Thommas. He bought a PSP with Dissidia..and then we went to eat nom nom xD The people at that sushi place are so awesome! :D

I also bought a Pikachu-rape-alarm-thingie..LOL. I wanted to hear how it sounded like, so it kinda went "OUIOUIOUIOUIO" in the middle of the street..hahaha xD People were like "O____o;;;"

Hahahha xDDD;;;


  1. hahaha!! being a tard in japan, only a few can say that with pride j/k! xD