Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 4

Today we got up really early and took the subway to Ueno to meet Jingna, also knows as Zemotion on deviantART. She brought a friend as well, his name was Chris, also known as Cwfineart on deviantART. They were both incredibly nice n____n Yayz~!

But yuss..we walked around the Ueno park for a bit. This is the time where the Sakura trees are in full bloom, so it was lots of little festivities going on in the park today, as well as people having picnics all over the place :D

Picnic peoples..teehee~

The beautiful Sakura trees~

Here is a little video from the park as well;


After the park we walked to Akihabara. This part of Tokyo is like "the electro-town" or "otaku heaven". They have SO incredibly much electronic stuff and even MORE Anime, manga and cosplay stuff. It's a total overload, I tell ya. Haha xD We went looking for Anime figurines first of all, and we found LOTS and LOTS! So hard to decide what you want when there is so much to choose from :00 I found many cute cosplay outfits as well as dolls and plushies and..well..just..lots of cute and awesome stuff ^___^
I really want one of those ecchi anime a maid or something. Just for fun xD I might just buy one before I leave. Teehee. We saw lots of adorable maids in Akihabara, they were standing around handing out flyers and stuff..we also came across one of those maid cafés. I am totally fan, oh yesh ;D

Maid~! :D

Anime stuffs! xD

Maid café!

After walking around Akihabara, we managed to stumble across an awesome streetmarket with lots of weird and fun stuff. I think it was there because of the Sakura Festival or something, but was a fun experience and it smelled really good because they were making food right and nom nom :D

Mmm...octopuus xDD

Welly well..that's about it for today n____n
Tomorrow we're planning Takeshita street again..and Shibuya when darkness settles in. According to Thommas, Shibuya should be best at night. Haha xD

See ya, peeps~ xoxo ;D


  1. Ooh, I want to see Shibuya *3* Promise me you'll take LOTS of photos there! :D

  2. that heaven? *jealous* :D