Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 3 3 today :0
Today we went to Shinjuku again, to look for the Square Enix store. And we found it! Oh what a lovely store it is. I had to restrain myself from drooling on Sephiroth lying on display in the floor there..oh em gee ;___; It wasn't really allowed to take any photos there, but I snuck myself to snapping a little one of him with my mobile phone;

and yayyy~! I bought myself a moogle plushie :D

I am small in that xDD

We also had to snap some photos of the Sakura flowers ofcourse, seeing as it is springtime in Japan now and the Sakura trees are in full bloom :D

Hahah..Thommas and two japanese guys snapping photos of the sakura flowahs xDD

We decided to swip into Harajuku again, seeing as it's sunday and all the pretty dress-up peoples are out and about on sundays n____n We got to see lots of cute and snazzy dress-ups :D They really know how to work that Harajuku fashion~ Rawr~ are some pictures from Harajuku today;

Ammagawd, lookit me and the cool guuuy~ xDD hahaha

Cute, aren't they? n_____n Teehee~

We walked around for a bit after hanging around at the bridge, and guess what..I met one of my old high school mates :00 What the heck are the odds, huh? xD I was really surprised! I hope I'll see her again..obviously she's here on a study-trip for two weeks, having one week left :0

BUT..yeah..there was also this guy giving out free hugs. I took a picture of him;

and then he stretched out his arms and stuff, so I felt I should hug him too..

"Hello, man..Imma gunna hugs y00"

He even said "Thank you very much" after I hugged him..haha :D Maybe he was one of those creepy, groper peoples :0 Pedobear approves. Lulz xDD

So..yeah..that's it for today. I'm gonna eat something and go to sleep soon. My legs are pretty dead from all the walking right now..ugh xD

Here's a little clip from Takeshita street, if you want to take a look;



    jeg dør av overdose awesome på avstand som jeg ikke får vært med på..!

    forøvrig likte jeg hun nazi-jenta. xD

  2. O.O Du var i Square Enix butikken O.O *sjalu* x) Heldige menneske.. Og Sephiroth og da! gaaaahh x)

  3. Selv om bildet av Sephiroth (*gisp*) og det neederste bildet med de to VK-folka er kjempefine, men likevel er favoritten min det med det vakre mennesket som sitter på lenkegjerdet. Hele bildet. Hele tingen er så VAKKERT. Et sånt vakkert lite øyblikk som man bare vil fange og ta vare på og gjemme bort som en skatt. (Er litt fascinert av sånt. Minner meg om et lignende øyeblikk jeg aldri fikk fange.)

  4. so cooool!!! the fashion is so awesome^^ wow! nice vid :P

    moogle! <3